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Check or December 2nd 2007 copy
It can also help train injured faces to move again. Rose Hong Tran, a Houston-based Hatha yoga
instructor, worked with local physicians to develop her specialized yoga facial toning technique. Tran says
her workshops have helped increase mobility in clients with partial facial paralysis and problems like
crooked smiles. "Every time you're working with your facial muscles, you increase circulation to your face
10 times," says Tran, who has certified other instructors to use her technique throughout Texas and in
Atlanta. "It helps sharpen your mind, too." By KATE STINCHFIELD
May 2017 Workshop
Space is limited

Thinking of a new career, or going into business for your self?   Contact Rose
and discover the benefits of becoming a Certified Yoga Facial Toning
Instructor.  New instructors were recently certified from Israel, Slovenia, and
the Houston area.  The next certification class will be scheduled soon.  Check
the web site for updates and details.
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Yoga Facial Toning

Prowdly Presenting
New Certified
Yoga Facial Toning

Join this workshop and learn how to flex, to
control your facial muscles and be able to
exercise on your own to firm and strengthen
the facial muscles.
Yoga Facial Toning

We are also offer private lesson at
$150 for 1 hour 15minutes
each person.
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April 24, 2009

Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructor, Savina, was recently featured in one of Slovania's largest magazines, Jana.

Savina was demonstrating selected poses for the publication.
June 5, 2009

Yahoo News/AP News:

"...You're more likely to be perceived in a better light if you look good," she said.

"Deep skin wrinkles, for instance, will not disappear completely. Some people also experience slight bruising after receiving injections. The cost
of a single treatment can vary from $300 to $500, according to Reveal. Results typically last four to six months. "
Charles Durrenberger
(832) 433-3821

'Electric rates are soon to rise...'
(Houston Chronicle/Business, 5/17/09).
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It's time to put your best face forward

Most people know how much the sun, facial creams, make-up, etc., actually damage the epidermal
layers of your face. Everybody knows, that's not the core, the root of the problem. Everybody says
they want to look younger....

Would it be okay if you never had to dread looking in the mirror again? Well, you know how you
exercise your body to firm, to tone, and to lift...if you could learn the tools and techniques to take
years off your appearance and to keep it that way, then for (almost ashamedly) less than $100,
controlling your outcomes is already at your fingertips.

If you're willing to invest 3-5 minutes each day learning the techniques, to practice the simple
routines taught with Yoga Facial Toning, and if you're not willing to expose yourself to the risk of
surgeries or dangerous injections, then you can save thousands of dollars and learn how to look
your best.

There are two types of people in the world: those willing to make a small investment of time and
energy to looks their best, and those who practice the same failed rituals hoping for different
results. So what is going to be easier for you, to keep applying/rubbing/masking, to keep doing the
same old things with temporary results, or would it be okay to learn how to look years younger in a
few short weeks, while saving you thousands of dollars?

Yoga Facial Toning has been creating success stories around the World, been featured on
Morning America, the BBC, Time Magazine,
and many more. Begin learning now, and put your best
face forward!
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Need Yoga Insurance?

Yoga Teaching Insurance and Risk
(This information is specific to teaching in
the U.S.)
Although most yoga teachers will never be
the target of legal action, most teaching
venues require teachers to have liability
insurance. Liability insurance provides
protection against most major lawsuits,
assuming that the yoga teacher was not
found to be practicing outside the scope of
his or her training (i.e., practicing medicine
without a license by giving medical
advice). Insurance plans often require that
teachers use consent forms or liability
waivers, to reduce the likelihood that a
student will take legal action.
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