Rose Hong Tran
Savina Atai Ritter
Certified instructor of
in Slovenia
Savina was Certified YOGA FACIAL TONING Instructor in 2008, she
resides in Slovenia, Europe. She has actively practiced yoga and Taoism
since 2000 and has 23 years of experience and knowledge gained both at
home and abroad, including:  India, Brazil, UK, and the USA in the fields of
spirituality, religion, nutrition, naturopathy, and alternative healing methods.

Savina teaches in several European countries and is opening
opportunities in India.  Her professional references include: writing and
topic editing for the Slovenian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine; writing
for a prominent health/psychological magazine; as a specialist-adviser
working with Slovenia's leading wellness company; the exclusive importer
for medical biophotonic chambers for cellular regeneration (this includes
giving lectures for doctors and other health care professionals, spa
personnel and attending national wellness Congresses on cellular

Savina not only educates others, but constantly expands her knowledge.
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Taking years off your face with
Yoga Facial Toning
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Rose Hong Tran
Founder of
Rose Hong Tran is a certified Yoga instructor who has taught yoga classes throughout
Houston Texas since year 1999. Her clients include Joy Yoga Center, HBU Bradshaw
Fitness Center, The Houston City Club, The Metropolitan Club, Memorial Athletic Club,
The Downtown Center Club, Conoco  and  Shell  Oil.
In  addition  to  teaching yoga,
Rose has presented informational sessions on yoga in several health fitness events
for Exxon - Mobil.
Rose helps people revitalize and turn back the clock on the most neglected area of their body - the face.  Her
students are amazed how this revolutionary program enhances not only their appearance, but also their attitude,
outlook on life, self-confidence and mental clarity. The results are so dramatic that YOGA FACIAL TONING
become the talk of the town. Rose's love for her students keeps her pushing the limits of what is possible for  
them. She is fond of saying, "The desire to see yourself as the beautiful being you really are is part of the most
basic foundation of a healthy mind."

When a person works on their core body muscles, they neglect the 57 muscles on the face also needing
attention,  Rose spent years researching with local physicians, plastic surgeons, and Yoga instructors to perfect
her own unique approach to strengthen the facial muscles, and created the YOGA FACIAL TONING system.  
After years of practice and teaching thousands of satisfied clients around the world, Rose reached out to Yoga
Instructors around the world to help their clients stay looking young.

In 2004 Rose has completed first-of-its-kind Instructor Certification Program.  No similar program offers her
future instructors, her "family" as she call them, the opportunity to deliver world-class results and create a
self-sustaining business opportunity as well.  Months of study and practice by her new (and former) instructors,
including hands-on coaching from Rose herself benefited these new professionals as they help deliver results
to Yoga Facial Toning clients around the World.

(The YFT program is designed to encourage entrepreneurial growth, provide reseller rights to YFT materials, and
continuing education for Certified Instructors, and students alike.  Yoga Facial Toning books/eBooks, CDs,
DVDs, materials, photographs, content, and testimonials remain the exclusive property of Yoga Facial Toning.)
Revital Florman
Certified instructor of
in Israel

Revital was Certified YOGA FACIAL TONING Instructor in 2008 , she resides in
Israel. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She is a gymnastics
instructor for toddlers and children using the methods of yoga and
"feldenkrais," and she is a a great believer in movements as a healing for
many modern diseases.  

Revital will be adding Vini Yoga to her teaching skill set in 2009.
Nancy Shumbera,
instructor of
Nancy is a Certified Instructor of Hatha Yoga and YOGA FACIAL TONING. Nancy
has practiced yoga for over 10 years and has been teaching since 1999.

She has taught thousands of yoga classes at locations all over Houston, including
the Downtown Club at The Met, Houston City Club, American Athletic Club, BMC,
BP, Conoco, Shell, Unity Church, and Spring Branch Independent School District.
Nancy participated in the Yoga Facial Toning program in 2004 and became certified as a Yoga Facial Toning
instructor in 2006.

YOGA FACIAL TONING will guide you to the realization of a truly beautiful face AND a truly beautiful LIFE.
Maneesha Hitesh
Certified instructor of
Maneesha was certified in YOGA FACIAL TONING in Houston 2012 by
Rose Tran.

She received her MA in Psychology from JNVU University, India in the year

She has 5 years of over 5000 client management experience in Kaya Skin
Clinic, India which is a pioneer in the skin care industry backed by MD
dermatologists. While working with dermatologists and clients she came
to an understanding that beauty and aging are not skin deep but involve
having to understand the structure and importance of facial muscles and
exercising them regularly while maintaining good health & nutrition.

Maneesha studied Yoga therapy in Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
Chennai, India and yoga alignment principles with Lila Rasa Brown at the
Abundant Heart Yoga school in Raleigh, USA.

She studied acting and experimental theater with Neeraj Kabi and assisted
in several of his Pravah Theater workshops between 2003-2005.

She integrates her knowledge and experience to conduct workshops
between India and the United States where she teaches and continues her
studies of yoga, the mind, and the heart as gateways to the beauty in the
heart of each of her students.
Alan Wiggins
Hatha Yoga &
instructor of
Alan is a Certified Instructor of Hatha Yoga and YOGA FACIAL TONING. Alan has
practiced yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2007. He was
Certified YOGA FACIAL TONING Instructor in 2008.
Certified instructor of
Charles Durrenberger
Tae Kwon Do, Hatha Yoga &
YOGA FACIAL TONING, Certified Instructor (Houston, TX-USA)

Charles is a Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructor, Tae Kwon Do Certifed
Traning Instructor and began practicing Yoga in 2007.  He will complete Hatha
Yoga Certification in 2009, and also enjoys a multiutde of outdoor activities,
including motorcycling, camping, fishing and body building.

Charles brings over 35 years of Customer Service leadership, training delivery
and design which encourage & motivates his students.

Charles creates not only wellness opportunities, he also creates business
opportunities.  Visit his web link for more information:
Charles Durrenberger
(832) 433-3821

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(Houston Chronicle/Business, 5/17/09).
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Minal Potnis
Certified instructor of
Minal Potnis, holds a MBA (Human Resources), is an Indian national, with over
18 years of experience in the Consultancy, Service &Hospitality vertical. She
uses her understanding of people and her passion for personal development to
inspire and train individuals and business groups to excel in their personal &
professional arenas.
Minal’s focus is synergizing corporate management needs with alternative
holistic therapy: Bhramavidya (this is a very ancient yoga system with focus on
Breath and Thought, which are the basic elements of life), face yoga intertwined
with management techniques and concepts.  She has completed the 3 years
advanced course and has been practicing Bhramavidya for the last 6 years & will
commence the a teachers course. She has been practicing Yoga since 1990.

“Health & Success are the results of following the Order of Life, and Yoga Face
Toning is one tool to achieving it.”
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Charmain Bain
Certified instructor of
Charmain is a YOGA FACIAL TONING Certified Instructor who resides in
Trinidad and Tobago. She has actively practiced yoga since 2000. After awhile
searching deeper in other yoga program, she
decided to fly to Houston and
attain her YFT Instructor Certification.  

Charmain Bain, as an authorized agent of Yoga Facial Toning, is also granted
the capacity of Regional Marketing Representative and Licensed reseller of Yoga
Facial Toning products in Trinidad and Tobago, and Yoga Face-lifting training
and educational classes.
Contact Charmain at:
Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructors 2008
Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructors 2009
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Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructors 2010
Gary Sikorski
Certified instructor of
After seeing the Yoga Facial Toning on CNN in 2006, Gary Sikorski purchased
the YFT book and CD.  He decided to fly to Houston and attain his YFT Instructor

Gary's excitement with his own results and the comprehensive training he
received motivated him to open his own business based on his Yoga Facial
Toning training wherein he presents a condensed program.
Cathy Townsend
Certified instructor of
Cathy Townsend has always been interested in healing techniques.  She
has studied various modalities her whole life including holistic, herbal and
energy medicine.  

She began taking Hatha Yoga at age eighteen and then became interested
in Martial Arts.  She has studied Karate, Taekwondo, Tang  Soo Do and
has a Black Belt in Kung Fu.  She trained for five years in Dahn Hak Yoga
and Chi Gong.  
She has worked in the medical field as a Respiratory Therapist for the past
twenty nine years.  
“I try to promote a positive attitude and a healing frame of my mind every
day for my patients.”

The desire to study and teach Yoga Facial Toning came after she turned
fifty.  “Its amazing how much stress adds the lines to your face.  Yoga
Facial Toning relaxes you and the exercises relieve the lines by building
muscle.  It’s important to be consistent and practice about 10 minutes a
day.  I love the fact it brings a rosy glow to my face and how people tell me I
look so relaxed now!  I want to share this with everyone!”