Taking years off your face with Yoga Facial Toning
Men and women are turning to
yoga to help look younger
06:04 PM CDT on Thursday, June 29, 2006

By Chau Nguyen / 11 News
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From Botox to facelifts, people are trying all kinds of ways to
look younger.
But what if you could do it naturally with the help of yoga?
A class called yoga facial toning is making quite an impression.
It’s a workout like no other, because Rose Tran is not just teaching yoga — she’s showing her students
how to express it in their face.
It may look strange or even funny, but Tran said a series of facial yoga poses are all it takes, to erase the
signs of aging.
“With your determination and your discipline, you will get it,” she said.
Tran began yoga facial toning three years ago, and since then many of her clients are all smiles.
There’s the skeptical skin care retailer who thought looking young could only come through creams and
“I became a real believer because when you firm and tone the facial muscles then they fill in the lines,”
Cathy Wagner said.
Or the personal trainer whose full body workout now includes this.
“It’s not the prettiest site, but it’s definitely effective, it’s definitely effective,” Gerald Luckadue said.
Those who take Tran’s class are impressed with the results they’re seeing, especially in pictures.
At 54, Cindy Sproul said taking theclass took 10 years off her appearance.
“It’s something you should do all your life I think,” Sproul said. “It’s like working out.”
Rose Tran teaches the class once a week, but she encourages her students to do their facial exercises
for at least 15 minutes a day, everyday.
“If you don’t do anything with them, they will just sag,” Tran said.
And if looks are deceiving, then you might be surprised to learn Tran is 48. No plastic surgery, no Botox
— just Yoga Facial Toning.
The eight-week program costs $250.
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